• Sleepy_Sal - About Me

    I have only in the past few months been diagnosed with PVFS/CFS.

    I am 16 and about 14 months ago suffered from a pretty bad case of glandular fever, with the main symptoms lasting over 2 months. The months following this I was extremely tired, had low lack of concentration, and got very irritable.

    Because of this I missed out on a lot of time at school, where I was in year 11 (Australia, second to last year of high school). I also became ill a lot. I would get a flu/bug at lease every month and I got a very bad case of tonsillitis, which did not respond to antibiotics.

    A few months before getting tonsillitis I had been to my GP and told her about my fatigue and she mentioned how it could be related to my glandular fever. When my tonsillitis did not respond to the antibiotics she thought that it was very likely the case. She ran tests and diagnosed me with PVFS.

    To help with my energy levels I have been advised to eat a balanced diet and receive vitamin B12 injections monthly. So far this has helped but I am on holiday from school and the real test will be when I go back to school.

    Websites like Foggy Friends is great because when you know there are other people out there going through the same thing as you, it can make you feel a hell of a lot better!!