• Doomed Angel - My Story

    As a child I was extremly lively. I had buckets of energy, bordering on ADHD. Just before I got ill, I was doing a full time college course, 2 part time courses, a part time saturday job and helping out at a youth club.

    I was living alone and keeping my flat spotless. I also found time to socialise. Just before this time, i'd come out of a very hurtful relationship and was in self destruct mode. I wasn't really caring about what I was doing. I broke my leg in 2 places when I attempted to skateboard on a half pipe. Since this I have never felt like my old self.

    At first, I just got tired and could never stay out late or at anyones house because I needed more sleep than I had previously. I then got quite ill with a virus but kept pushing myself. I walked 2 miles to college everyday and I started to notice that I felt like passing out when I got there. As part of my college course I had a placement in a nursing home. I enjoyed this but it was very hard work. I found myself feeling too tired to go and missed many days which is very unlike me.

    I went to the doctors and was told I had depression. I didn't believe this and argued with the doctor. I had also started to get really bad muscle pains when I was walking and a whole lot of other symptoms which didn't fit in with depression. After a while I found that I could hardly get out of bed and missed a lot of college. Another doctor told me I had post viral fatigue syndrome and refered me to a specialist. Life was becoming increasingly more difficult and I had to get a wheelchair because I got extremly tired and dizzy if I walked anywhere and my legs gave way.

    I stayed this way for quite a while but still continued to push myself and keep my flat clean and tidy. I later found that I could hardly get out of bed. I began to get a tingling sensation in my arm and then was unable to feel or move it for a while. This then started to happen in my leg, when this happens I am unable to walk.

    I feel quite upset that this has happened as I used to be so active and was heading for a really successful career. These days though, I think I might have to take up a professional career in sleeping!

    Keeley x