• Citrusmint - My Story

    Before I got sick I was a very active cross-country runner. I loved running and was relatively successful at it. At seventeen though, I got sick. I started becoming extremely nautious every morning, and my legs would feel like lead as I ran. My race times became slower and slower, and finally I had to quit running.

    I started to see doctor after doctor, each one ended blowing me off or just basically telling me it was all in my head. In the meantime of going to see doctors I got worse and worse. I had trouble walking through malls, I developed horrible insomnia, and was extremely weak. Finally, after eight years I finally found a doctor who could help me.

    She diagnosed me with CFS and POTS after I had a Tilt Table Test. She also ordered a exercise pulmonary test, which found that I had extreme oxygen depletions. I am doing better now, but require a wheelchair anytime I go shopping. I can't run or go for walks, but I did find a receptionist job and my health has not suffered from it yet.

    I am grateful for the health I have now, but I am constantly worried that my horrible symptoms will return at anytime. The only thing that helps me is to focus on getting through the day. I pray for myself and all others who are suffering from ME/CFS that one day they will have better treatments and a possible even a cure to this devastating illness.