• Jan B - My Story

    Most of my life I have been prone to throat infections/tonsillitis. Four years ago I had yet another bad dose of it and felt constantly ill for 6 months. At the time I had blood tests to check if anything else was wrong, eg. thyoid problems, anaemia etc.

    I was told nothing was wrong and it was probably depression and to just go away and deal with it. I recovered and just had the occasional annual bout of throat infections, but this year I have had them constantly since March. My last outbreak was in July this year and I have felt permanently ill and exhausted since then.

    I went through the routine blood tests yet again and "could you be depressed" from my doctor yet again and her only solution was anti-depressants. Eventually she said it was post viral fatigue - Hooray a name at last! Well its only been 4 years! This week I have been ill in bed with flu and a chest infection and every day seems to be a struggle at the moment, just rest and more rest I guess.