• Shazzy - My Story

    It all started in April 2007. I started feeling really drained with no energy. My arms felt heavy and I walked round in a world of my own.

    After a couple of weeks I thought I had better go to the doctors. She found that I had some white hard lumps on my tongue and sent me to see a consultant.

    At the hospital I had some biopsies done and it revealed that I had something called Lichen Planus. This was in October 2007. I was still feeling really poorly so I went back to the doctors and saw another member of their team. She was really nice.

    I sat down and described all my symptoms from the headaches, muscle and joint pains, feeling confused, forgetting things, constant voice loss, blurred vision etc. (I don't really need to go on any more you know what I mean!) I was very lucky she understood what I was saying and said 'I think you may have ME, I have other patients with it'.

    So I was sent for all the routine blood tests etc which all came negative My doctor could not refer me to a consultant until I had been suffering for at least six months. Six months are now over and she has referred me. NOW, I have to wait another year to see him.

    So from now and till then I just take one day at a time. I am lucky. I've got two great kids and a loving partner, but some days I think they just don't understand just how this can really affect your life and how it can get you down.

    Since joining FF it has given me a lot of hope and lets me know that I'm not alone.