• Mark1964 - My Story

    I seem to remember my M.E starting when I was about 18 yrs old. I was working full time and had a bad bout of Flu. After that, I seemed to go down with every illness going.

    When I went back to work, I found that I could not cope with the long hours I was doing. At the time, I was working as a landscape gardener. Finally, I went to see my G.P who blamed it on the long hours I was working.

    I was unable to cope and so I had to change jobs. I worked in a few shops for about 6 yrs. I then went down with Pneumonia and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks. After that I was unable to work for a long time.

    It was not until my mid-thirties that another G.P from my surgery diagnosed me with M.E and sent me to see a specialist. My own G.P only recognised my M.E about 6yrs ago. At that time, I was aching and unable to walk far.

    I am learning to take it easy and make time to rest. I do find it very boring after working but have learned tha I have got to accept the illness and my limitations.