• Janey - My Story

    I'm Jane. I have had CFS for approximately 20 years!!! For many years I had no idea what I had. All I knew was that I was not like any of my contemparies. People of my age were doing keep fit or sports in their spare time - all I wanted to do was sleep!! And what was more was that I was always ill with viruses which really dragged me down.

    Even in my 20s I was not able to do a full time job because of feeling so tired. The glands in my neck would come up regularly and then I would feel even more ill than normal. In my teens, I had Glandular Fever but that was different and had gone away over time. I was only able to work part time and I was only in my twenties! I just could not understand what was going on and the only way I could cope was with part time work - not ideal when you are newly married with a big mortgage.

    I realise now that having CFS has ruled my life. For instance I could not imagine being able to look after a child as well as working and so for that, and other reasons, I have never had any.

    Time went on and things stayed the same. I was TATT (tired all of the time) plus I had constant viruses that went on for a long time as well as the swollen glands in the neck that came up on a regular basis.

    I tried to go back to full time work when I met my second husband and was usually exhausted by about 12am. I tried to snatch some sleep at lunch time but this usually made me feel worse because when I did get daytime sleep this needed to be 2hours at a time.

    Finally about 7 years ago I went to my doctor having read various articles and suggested to her that I might have CFS. She questioned me about my problems and said I was probably right. She said that the only thing she knew of that would help were SSRIs and I have been on these every since.

    This has put me about 50% better but my energy levels are mostly in my boots (particularly after coming home from work when I usually need a nap) and I still get the viruses - though thankfully not so often. They have also helped with my concentration (which was rubbish) and my memory (ditto).

    I only wish I had realised 20 years ago.