• Billy Sparkle - My Story

    It was Sunday evening and I had just returned from taking one of my twin daughters to University. Not an arduous journey at all. As I didn't feel too good I went to bed around 9pm. I woke up the following morning with no energy - like someone stuck a straw in and sucked out all the energy. I felt real lousy, worse than I had ever felt so I reported sick to work and languished in bed for nearly a week.

    I ached all over, my hips and knees were painful and my head was spinning. I had had experiences like this before but all went away in 4/5 days. This grabbed me like a Terrier and was not letting go. I went to my GP and was signed off with "virus". I returned to GP later with no improvement. I had blood tests done - all clear, X-rays - all clear. More blood tests, still all clear. Eventually I saw a consultant who suggested Steroids to "kick start" my body. They failed. I then tried Antidepressants. The side effects were so bad I was taken off them.

    Meanwhile, work are getting frustrated and my family are very worried - as am I. I have kept a diary of all symptoms trying to see any pattern but to no effect. Am improving slowly, but very slowly - bit like ants carrying a leaf with two paces forward then one back! Have almost lost voice too!!! Odd that one - it's a real strain to talk. Still feel very, very tired and have to sleep when body says so. The dizziness, aching, joint pain continues and my concentration has dwindled. These symptoms vary day to day and week to week.

    I am still off work and about to enter Month 5 of this nonsense. I have a meeting with Occupational Health and Chronic Fatigue Clinic later this month (January '09).

    Well that's me. I am damn frustrated because I was so active - Running, Triathlons, Mountain Biking, Adventure Racing...

    Anyone out there with any advice, things to avoid, things to do...I do manage to go out every day for a walk (which is more like a waddle at my current pace).