• Sunsetleigh - My Story

    Hi everybody, I'm Sunsetleigh. I am a ME sufferer and also have Fibromyalgia as well as a lot of branched off things. I have been ill since I was about 10, and was constantly told by doctors that its growing pains and to stop being a hypochondriac. It wasn't until I was 18 that I was referred to rheumatology and here is where my story began and my illness was recognised for the first time.

    I'm now 22, so I have had 4 years with a diagnosis. Now I am seeing that although I have diagnosis, it hasn't made doctors believe me anymore than before I was diagnosed. I live on my own, which is a huge struggle but I love my independence. Even when I have to ask for someone to stay with me sometimes, my independence is a huge achievement for me.

    I suppose I should explain how ME affects me daily...If you haven't read the 'spoon theory' yet, do read it, as it is a great explanation for anybody who is sick. Just Google it! I am currently doing a small course for customer service, sales etc. I make it in some days, others I can't, but every day I get through feels great. I spend a lot of time in my wheelchair, other times I can be flying.

    It can be scary sometimes when my body doesn't want to do anything, especially when my mind is flying. I rely a lot on my mother, she is my little star as she is so selfless sometimes. I find being sick to be a curse sometimes and sometimes a blessing as it gives me time to stop and smell the roses - my body wonít let me do anything else!

    M.E. has ruined my old life, but I try to look at it as a new start and a new appreciation of all the little things. Don't get me wrong, I get angry, sad, frustrated, as well as all of the other emotions possible, but I try to look at it positively, or else there would be no point in me getting out of bed, and I know that wouldn't help me get on with my life.

    Thank you for reading my story, I think I have rambled a little bit but itís been nice to put some of my life on paper.