• Foggy Friends Running Costs - Where Your Money Goes

    Foggy Friends has grown over the years and has become more expensive to run due to extra resources needed and the general increase in prices. The web server rental alone currently stands at 52.79 per month. This is essential because it means that Foggy Friends is always available as and when members require. Cheap hosting just doesn't cut it and and in our experience the chat room alone will crash a shared server.

    As technology advances and security flaws are found, these need to be patched so it's essential that we receive donations to pay for these things in order to keep Foggy Friends safe and secure. Software changes over time and allows us to add new features and better compatibility which gives a better user experience. All donations go back into running Foggy Friends which means that we can continue to run non profit and offer free membership.

    Where your money goes

    • Web server
    • Foggy Friends domain name
    • NAS backup domain name
    • Chat room upgrades and customisations
    • Office equipment
    • Postage for competition prizes
    • Printer ink and other stationary
    • Technical support expenses
    • Software for Foggy Friends work
    • Backup email accounts

    We thank you for your continued support.