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    Welcome to Foggy Friends!!

    We are an online community for ME/CFS patients, created and run by ME/CFS patients. My name is Daniel and I created and opened Foggy Friends back in 2003 when I spotted a gap in the online support available so set about creating our community. My aim for Foggy Friends is to provide a forum where ME/CFS sufferers, their parents, carers and friends can seek and find online help, support, advice and friendship.

    The Forum has many threads which answers the common questions about our illness. Members are also invited to post their own questions, comments and ideas. You will be able to talk about most things from symptoms and medical matters, helpful tips, benefits advice, general life, TV, cinema, random chat, crafts and hobbies and even word games.

    When you join Foggy Friends you can remain anonymous, choosing a screen name to protect your privacy. You will be able to easily see any new threads and comments and we have a ME/CFS friendly structure. You can easily search for information or post comments and questions of your own.

    The site is moderated by a team of volunteers who all live with ME/CFS. Foggy Friends really was built by a patient, for patients and run by a team of patients and we are here to support you and provide fun and friendship.

    If you would like to join Foggy Friends you are very welcome; please read our rules HERE and then click the Register link at the top right of the page.

    We look forward to meeting you
    Daniel and The Foggy Friends Team.

    Foggy Friends is a private, non-profit organisation. Whilst we are free to join, and nothing is behind a paywall we do rely on our members donations to keep the site running. The forum is run by volunteers and nobody financially gains, we work hard to keep costs down.

    Foggy Friends is not to be used for research purposes. Anyone found to be signing up to the forum with the intention of gathering data from our members will be permanently banned immediately.