• Joanna L Read - Anaesthetic Caused My ME


    I was very busy leading a busy and hectic life in London until I developed ulcerative colitis in pregnancy. This resulted in a number of surgeries which I recovered from, then in March 2000 a new type of surgery was recommended to me. I went ahead with it and basically have been ill with ME ever since. I have spent years talking to friends and friends of people with ME and keep hearing stories of people developing ME after anaesthesia. I donít think it was the shock of the surgery that caused my ME, I think it was something in the anaesthetic that caused the neurological symptoms. I have a distant relative that went into hospital 3 years ago and developed ME afterwards too. She has had to give up work and her life is severely curtailed. I would be very interested to hear from anyone else who had any type of surgery and then got ME. Also does anyone know of anyone that is being conducted into ME/anaesthesia links? I am convinced that the volume of anaesthetic I received was the cause of my ME.

    Jo Read