• Steffie - My Story

    I'm Steff.

    I first got diognosed with ME on 5th January 2003. Yes - I still remember the date! It was the first day I went back to school after the Christmas holidays. I came home with such a headache. It didnt seem to clear for nearly two months. I couldn't stand light, touch or movement and just seemed to sleep all the time. I had no energy.

    When the headache finally cleared, I developed back pain that wouldn't go away. I still get it now. It was constant and so bad I couldnt be touched. Again, all I was doing was sleeping. My mum had to wake me up to eat otherwise I just wouldn't.

    I got taken to have tests which were all clear. Nothing. Even so, my Doctor sent me to a specialist early on as my mum has exactly the same condition. I got diagnosed with ME.

    Then my third symptom started. Fainting. I couldnt stay conscious. Whenever I moved, I passed out. I would pass out even when I was laying still and so I was taken to hospital. Apparently there was no reason for my symptoms. I got put into a wheelchair for my own safety and because my back was so bad.

    I was in the chair all summer, but fought to get out, when ever I could, I walked. I even tried using crutches instead.

    Finally this started to clear up but not by much. By this time I would have been in Year 11 at school but I was home tutored as I couldn't cope with school. It made me way too tired. I missed two exams, but got D's in all the ones I took. After my exams, I worked solely on health and fitness to get me better. I made it. I started looking at college courses. I was accepted on two, one for health and social care, the other a BTEC in dance.

    I chose the dance. Yes, I struggled but I was suprised I could do it - well as much of it as I could. My mind set was to never let ME beat me. It didnt - I pushed on. I finished the course though only managed a PPM I still did it.

    Now I've made it to University, doing dance at Bournemouth and living alone. I can't believe im here but it can be done.

    Be strong. Push on.