• Dereka1414 - My Story

    I was in my 30's and working on my second degree when I decided to start riding my bike every day to work. It was one hour and ten minutes up there and an hour and a half back. I loved riding my bike; however, I had got hit by a car 2 years previous to getting ill. I had an ACL/Meniscus repair and didn't think much about it. I had some night sweats after the accident, but after 6 months they went away. I thought maybe I was in early menopause but the tests showed I wasn't. That went away for a while, and then I had a battle with Weld County in Greeley Colorado and I became sickly thin and unable to function at work.

    I was burning both ends of the candle going to work, school and riding. Then I got a second job and my feet starting aching so bad. I couldn't understand what was going on. Standing on my feet was torturous. Then the migraines started and the fatigue was so profound at times it took everything I had to get out of a chair. I went from being extremely reliable at work, to having one doctorís appointment after another.

    After that, I searched for answers. I went to a doctor who told me he didn't think I had CFIDS, but would check my titers. They were all high. They continue to get higher as I live and breathe. The one drug that saved me from total disability was Norco. I accidently stumbled on that when my ex-husband had Chronic Pain Syndrome. In addition, 5 of my close friends got sick. I got CFIDS/CAEBV/FIBRO, My ex-husband got Chronic Pain, his wife got Fibromyalgia and my best friend got MS. Now her husband is sounding like he has Fibromyalgia. People say there isn't a contagious element to this condition or it's variants but I highly disagree!

    The only way I got Norco to work for me I think is because I had ADHD. Pain killers have always given me energy but Norco works the best. I am also on 6 other drugs right now but life is getting unbearable as I get older. Having 2 degrees and working for $10.00 an hour makes me stick out quite a bit. Itís hell on earth and I sometimes take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

    That's all I can do...if I can remember to do it!