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    Welcome to Foggy Friends!!

    Foggy Friends was created by two ME/CFS sufferers, Daniel and Tigger and opened on the 1st of November 2003. It runs as a private, non profit organisation and relies on its members financial donations to keep the site running. Today, Daniel and his team of volunteers help with the day to day running of the forum and chat room.

    The aim of Foggy Friends is to provide a free, fun, safe environment where ME/CFS sufferers, their parents, carers and friends can seek help, support and advice, free from harassment.

    The main site offers information and includes many members stories and a members gallery. The forum has a huge database which answers common questions and also allows the posting of new questions. You will be able to talk about most things from symptoms and medical matters, helpful tips and benefits advice to chat about general life, TV, cinema, random chat and word games.

    The chat room provides a place where members can talk live to other members. Many members enjoy the chat room because it gives them a sense of being sociable and helps them feel less isolated. It makes no difference if one member is in the United Kingdom and another in Australia, it's all live and instant.

    Please Note: Chat room access is granted after 14 days membership.

    Foggy Friends is not to be used for research purposes. The repetitive nature of the research requests in the past, from people who contributed nothing to the Foggy Friends community, has led to the decision to ban research being carried out on our members. Anyone found to be signing up to the forum with the intention of gathering data from our members will be permanently banned immediately.

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    As a kid I was never well, I always had bad throat infections and colds, and lived on antibiotics. I also suffered with additive intolerance.

    My M.E was traced back to my early years, as the

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    Showerman - Occupation: Full-Time M.E. Sufferer

    Hi everyone at Foggy Friends. Welcome to my story! Here I'll tell you all about how I went from a super active child, to an aspiring young IT worker, to a full time M.E. sufferer, as well as my struggles with mental health problems and my story in regards to how my M.E. developed and was eventually realised and diagnosed. I hope you enjoy it!


    I was a very active youngster. I loved football as a little boy. If I wasn't having a kick about with my various mates

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